Monday, December 07, 2009


Festival of Giant Lanterns of Pampamga

December 19, Saturday 2pm to 12mn

During December in San Fernando , Pampanga, the city celebrates the Giant Lantern Festival, Saturday before the Christmas Eve. The festival features competition of creatively built giant lanterns. Through this, the city has earned the nickname The Christmas Capital of the Philippines .

Origin: The art of parol making tradition started way back 1928 as Francisco Estanislao made a symbol of the Star in Bethlehem when he made the first parol that has five-point star lantern, lighted by a candle or carbide lamp. Lantern-making industry in San Fernando is dramatically influenced and assisted to boost by this magnificent event, the Giant Lantern Festival. Originally named as ìLigligan Parulî or ìPista ng Parulî, the festival is said to have started in 1904.


2 pm Assembly and Departure in 15minutes

5 pm ETA Paskuhan Village /

6 pm Road Trip Around Pampamga Barangays for Parul display

7:30 pm Dinner

9 pm Proceed to Lantern Festival

10 pm ETD back to Manila