Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cagayan de oro~itinerary

DAY 1 MARCH 21, 2008

4:45-Depart Manila (terminal fee) 200
6:30-Arrive CDO
7:00-Airport to Hotel (Divisoria Area) 14/jeep 100/taxi
7:30-Check in @ Mass Speccs 8pax/1500
Viewing in Divisoria 3500/van

12:00-Divisoria to bulwa terminal 8/Jeep
12:30-Bulwa west terminal-Iligan City 120/fx
2:45-Hi-way to Tinago falls 20/habal
3:00-Tinago falls- Iligan City 10/pax
4:30-Tinago falls-Hi-way 20/habal
5:00-Hi-way to Ma. Cristina falls 50/habal
Going back to west bound terminal 5:30 6/Jeep
West bound terminal (kamagi) 5:40
Kamagi-CDO lodge 7:30 140/fx
Food trip in Botoys chicken litson 8:30 135/litson
Inuman 9:30

DAY 2 MARCH 22, 2008
Particulars Time Cost

6:30-Wake up Call then check out
7:30-Ready to wet attaire in rafting
8:00-Meeting Place (Divisoria)
10:00-Divisoria- docking Area
10:15-Orientation in Rafting
10:30-White water rafting 500/basic 700/advanced
1:20-Wrap up in river rafting
2:42-Agora market-balingonan
4:30-Balingonan freeport 120/pax 3.25/terminal
5:00-Departure M/V Princess royal
6:00-Binoni Freeport-Mambajao
6:56-Mambajao Catarman 30/Jeep
7:15-Mambajao Catarman-Bon bon 20/Jeep
8:30-Midnight Snack

DAY 3 MARCH 23, 2008

6:00-Wake up call
7:15-White Island -brgy. Yubing
7:30-Boat ride to White Island
9:00-Going back-brgy. Yubing
Sanken Cementery
Ruins church (optional)
10:00-Back to brgy.bonbon
10:15-Wrap up and lunch
11:00-14 station Walk way Groto
12:00-Pasalubong shoping
2:00-Pier Binoni Camiguin
2:45-Pier Binoni-Balingonan 120/boat
5:50-Balingonan-Agora 120/bus
7:00-Agora-Divisoria(parkview lodge) 10/pax

DAY 4 MARCH 24, 2008

6:00-Wake up call
7:00-Breakfast Inasal
10:00-Airport Boarding 35/terminal
10:45-Pre departure
12:00-Arrival (Manila)

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